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obligatory "i'm still around the internet" post
14 Jul 2015|12:32am

Well, here's my favorite thing I've painted so far this year. It's weird feeling like I might have already painted the best/most accomplished thing I'm going to paint the entire year. I mean, it's only July. I shouldn't count my chickens before they've hatched.
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still alive and ticking.
09 Nov 2014|02:03am
Although LJ refuses to let me have Baby Goose back as my default userpic, which is kind of distressing.

Anyway, I'm still around. I occasionally still check my friends page to catch up with the few people who post regularly. As a reminder, you can find me much more active in other places:

ao3 (I finally got an ao3 account!)

If you just want to chat, I am often available via gchat (lhommedepointe@gmail.com) or on aim (lhommedepointe, penguin foxtrot). Feel free to drop me a line if you see me available.
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08 Jun 2013|06:51pm
[ mood | tired ]

Does anybody still read this? The lack of feedback I've been getting kind of led me to discontinue posting to lj; I post my art to my tumblr now instead. But if anybody would still like to see art posted here I can start again.

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31 Mar 2013|08:54pm
[ mood | thoughtful ]

This year so far, I've been focusing a lot on my craft. As an artist, when I say craft, I'm referring to my level of proficiency with the media I use, whether that be pencil, paper, paint, ink, or any other medium I may choose to work with. According to Wikipedia, craft is "a pastime or a profession that requires some particular kind of skilled work" and I think that encompasses what I've been trying to do fairly well.

For me, learning as an artist goes in stages. What happens is that I tend to take on a challenge one at a time - learn to draw the figure better; learn to draw faces better; learn to draw more than one character; learn to ground your characters in a scene; learn to make your settings as important as the characters, etc. And then once I feel like I've mastered that challenge to a level where I feel okay about moving on, I have to take some time to improve my skills with the media so that everything evens out. A lot of times I see people who get so stuck on their concept or their figures that they completely neglect their ability to work with the media, and then you have this artist who draws these amazing likenesses or these gorgeous dynamic images but the material just doesn't hold up. They go hand-in-hand, and you have to nurture both in order to create images that are finished and satisfying, in my opinion.

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I'm interested to know what people think - do you notice the difference? Do you see it as an improvement? And of course if you have any questions about my process or about painting in general I'm always happy to answer. I often wonder if people who work digitally struggle with this sort of thing as much as I do.

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art - valencia, arthur, pg-13 (nsfw)
24 Mar 2013|10:28pm
[ mood | calm ]

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playlist - lionesse, a root fanmix
22 Mar 2013|10:04pm
[ mood | calm ]

lionesse - a root fanmix

01 tasseomancy // anubis 02 josé gonzaléz // how low 03 white rabbits // lionesse 04 austra // the villain 05 bush // jesus online 06 the chemical brothers // the devil is in the details 07 st. vincent // surgeon 08 class actress // prove me wrong 09 hesta prynn // motive 10 chromatics // the killing spree 11 poliça // i see my mother 12 nine inch nails // all the love in the world 13 black rebel motorcycle club // aya 14 super secret bonus track

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art - paradigm, for mikari_chan, G.
17 Mar 2013|08:14pm
[ mood | calm ]

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art - bluescreen, for silvrey, Root, PG.
03 Mar 2013|10:56pm
[ mood | calm ]

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playlist - under the glass of the microscope
24 Feb 2013|07:14pm
[ mood | sleepy ]

01 yeasayer "glass of the microscope" 02 bobby womack "please forgive my heart"
03 grizzly bear "speak in rounds" 04 chromatics "into the black"
05 air france "collapsing at your doorstep" 06 ornella vanoni "l'appuntamento"
07 miike snow "the wave" 08 santigold "god from the machine"
09 fischerspooner "ritz 107" 10 phantogram "nightlife" 11 beach house "silver soul"
12 bibio "the palm of your wave"

Inspired by RP storylines with mikari_chan and eustacia_vye28. Download it here.

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playlist - we got more than we had before
23 Feb 2013|10:01pm
[ mood | calm ]

track listing: 01 toro y moi "blessa" 02 telefon tel aviv "map of what is effortless"
03 eskmo "we got more" 04 HTRK "eat yr heart" 05 solid gold "sold god"
06 interpol "wrecking ball" 07 phaleh "plateau" 08 junior boys "caught in a wave"
09 poliça "lay your cards out" 10 massive attack "black milk" 11 mirwais "involution"
12 paul banks "spank beat"

This was a playlist I created while making these paintings. Download it here.

Also, happy 5th anniversary to me. :)
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